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Is It Worth Moving Cuddyer To Improve The Starting Rotation

With the trade deadline approaching, the Colorado Rockies will have some decisions to make over the next two weeks. The Rockies are getting geared up for the 2nd half of the season and find themselves only 4.5 games out of first place. As meager as the NL West has been thus far, the Rockies can put themselves in striking distance of the playoffs. There have been rumors flying around that the Rockies might be looking to move Michael Cuddyer in order to get pitching help. If the Rockies are serious about making the playoffs, that will be a big mistake and I'll tell you why.

I hear outcries from fans, "the Rockies need pitching at all costs" and most years, I would probably be willing to sacrifice some hitting for pitching, but not this year. There are some questions at the back end of the lineup, yes, but the rotation hasn't been this strong in years. The lineup of Jhoulys Chacin (9-4 3.50 ERA), Tyler Chatwood (5-3 2.56 ERA) and Jorge De La Rosa (9-5 3.21 ERA) has kept this team afloat. In fact, all 3 three pitchers could've had a 2-3 more wins if it were not for poor batting performances. But perhaps the best part of all, these guys have been very consistent both home and away. Pitching has become more manageable since the days of the Blake Street Bombers, but the altitude still continues to destroy pitchers. If the Rockies trade Cuddyer for a high profile pitcher and it doesn't work out, then what? 

This is why I'd be hesitant to move one of the best bats in the Rockies lineup for another rotation pitcher. Over a third of the Rockies losses (17 losses) have come from scoring 3 or less runs while holding their opponents to 4 or less runs. If the Rockies were able to win just a portion of those tight, low scoring games, they're looking at the division lead. Now imagine taking the most consistent hitter out of a lineup that has been held to 3 hits or less more times than I count on one hand. I'll give you a hint. Last place with 10+ games back isn't that bad of a guess. If the Rockies are serious about contending, the wise thing to do is add another big bat. Give the rotation some run support on a regular basis in order to win some of these close games. Go the route you know has been and will always be effective at Coors Field