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Broncos Von Miller Facing 4-Game Suspension for Violating NFL Policy

The Denver Broncos were informed Monday with some bad news from the NFL, which seems to be a regular thing lately. All-Pro and  Denver's best defensive player Von Miller is facing a 4-game suspension for violating NFL Policy. The Broncos haven't been able to stay on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's good side this offseason. Executives Matt Russell and Tom Heckert were charged with DUIs within the last two months and now there's potentially this issue. 

What Miller took to get suspended has not  yet been released and it may never be. There has been much speculation that Miller recently tested positive for marijuana and amphetamines, however. Denver Post writer Mike Klis recently reported that Von Miller had failed for the same thing in 2011, which does not bode well for Miller. He was not suspended at the time because the first failure required no suspension, but rather entering and completing a program. If a player is found guilty of failing twice, that player will then face a 4-game suspension. This is what Von Miller is potentially facing. 

It is important to note that Von Miller has already put in an appeal for the suspension. Via Twitter, Miller made this statement"Seeing reports abt 4 game susp. I know I did nothing wrong. I'm sure this'll be resolved fairly. Disapp. Broncos have 2 open camp like this."

Miller has put up some gaudy numbers in his two short years with the Broncos. He has produced 132 tackles, 30 sacks and 8 forced fumbles.

The Broncos will start the season off at home by playing the 2012 Super Bowl champs, the Batlimore Ravens. For week two, the Broncos are off to New York against the Giants in what is being dubbed the Manning bowl. The Broncos will then finish up at home with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Oakland Raiders in weeks three and four.

Despite the potential loss of Miller in those four games, the Broncos still have one of the most powerful offenses lead by QB Peyton Manning. The Broncos should really be able to take all four games. Dropping anymore than one game should be considered unacceptable. 

It is unclear how long it will take the NFL to decide on the ruling for the appeal, but if the suspension is upheld, the Broncos should be able to survive till Miller is back on the field