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Son, Not Father, Knows Best This Time

Written by Sean Sachs

Colorado Rockies pitcher Rafael Betancourt has had some bad luck this season with missing games. The Rockies closer missed 25 games in June dealing with a groin issue. 

Because of his lengthy absence, Betancourt was hesitant to come forward Rockies'  team trainer Friday night after feeling very sick the night before.  However, that did not stop Betanourt's 10-year-old son from wisely reaching out to the trainer to check out his father. 

It was very fortunate Betancourt's son did talk to the trainer on Friday as it turned out. The trainer discovered Betancourt needed to have an emergency appendectomy performed immediately. If his kid wasn't there that day, Betancourt would be in much worse shape than just landing on the DL for another 15 days. 

A few days since the surgery, Betancourt is doing very well. He is still a little weak, but seems to be in high spirits. He should be fully healed in the next few days. He says he is hopeful that he'll be pitching for the Rockies in two weeks and wants to start doing some bullpen session in the upcoming days. The Rockies want Betancourt to be completely pain free before throwing, however. 

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