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Bro's Before Doe, Rodgers?

Recently former MLB MVP (for now at least) Ryan Braun was suspended by Major League Baseball the rest of the year for using performance enhancing drugs. This wasn't the first time Braun's name was thrown out for testing dirty. He was in the same boat just last year, but was exonerated on after someone had messed up with his testing.

At the time, Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers stuck up for his fellow a MVP and Wisconsin resident after Denver nurse Todd Sutton tweeted the QB saying Rodgers was "delusional" for believing Braun's innocent. The QB was quoted as saying he would put his "salary next year on" Braun being clean in 2012. 

As it would turn out, sticking up for Braun could potentially cost Rodgers a good chunk of money if he does stick to his word. Rodgers is set to make $4.5 million in 2013-2014 in base salary. However, Sutton half jokingly said he is willing to broker a deal with the QB as USA Today's Lindsay Jones reported. "I'm not really expecting to hear from him. It'd be cool, but I doubt it's going to happen," Sutton said. One paycheck would turn out to be $281,250 for the QB. 

The ball is essentially in Rodgers' court. The Denver resident isn't going to hassle the QB over the money. But considering Rodgers just received a $66 million deal in April, it would be a nice gesture and certainly would be great for Rodgers' image. One thing is for sure, Rodgers should choose his words more carefully next time he sticks up for a buddy.