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Source: Von Miller didn't test positive for anything

The plot has thickened in Von Miller's potential 4 game suspension. Although what caused Miller to be suspended was never released due to confidentially reasons, the consensus before was for marijuana and possibly amphetamines. However, on Friday, a source with knowledge to Miller's potential suspension told  USA TODAY's Lindsay Jones that Miller  had not failed any test. "He didn't test positive for anything," said the source. 

A person in Miller's situation, who has failed a drug test before, can be suspended for multiple things under the NFL's policy. Miller could have been suspended for missing a weekly urine test. He also could have accidentally (or purposefully) clouded the results from simply drinking too much water before taking the test. Depending on exactly what Miller did to trigger the test, the NFL can potentially have the suspension waived. 

It is also interesting to point out just how Miller and the Broncos are handling the situation. Miller hasn't spoken much with the ongoing process of the appeal being conducted. However, when he has, Miller has been adamant in denying any wrongdoing. Miller may have convinced John Elway and John Fox of his innocence too. Denver has kept Miller in all of the first string drills so far in training camp. If they thought Miller's suspension would be upheld, they likely would be having Miller's replacement for the four games getting reps with the first team. 

It is unclear exactly what will happen with Miller at the moment. The decision from the NFL on the appeal is likely to be determined by mid August. Although Miller could still face the four game suspension, if the recent reports are true, the situation may be far less gloomy than previously thought before.

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