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Denver Broncos Camp: Players get in Fight, Manning Falls Down

Today marked the 7th training camp practice for the Denver Broncos. It started out like the other 6, but practice 7 would uniquely stick out this training camp after today.

During practice, the Broncos would find themselves holding their breathe for a split second when QB Peyton Manning took an awkward fall. It would mark the first time  for the Broncos that Manning would not stay upright during practice. No one actually hit him. If they had hit him, they may no longer be playing for the Broncos. What had happened was in the midst of a scrimmage, Manning had lost his footing when he was trying to complete his throwing motion. When Manning went down, practice became instantly silent. Fortunately, Manning would get up immediately and a huge sigh of relief would cover Dove Valley.

"We try to keep our quarterback upright, whether it's in practice or a game. But again, not too many perfect games, not too many perfect practices,"  coach John Fox would say after.

Manning falling would not be the only headline of the day, however. Early in the practice, a fight would erupt between 10 players. It started after rookie RB Montee Ball had a bunch of defensive players pile up on him, even after Ball's progress was already stopped. After some chirping and pushing, the situation would quickly escalate. S Rahim Moore and new WR Wes Welker were tugging at each other.  LT Chris Clark and TE Julius Thomas were both caught throwing punches left and right. LB Danny Trevathan would actually get his helmet flung off by one of those punches. Trevathan wouldn't take it to heart, however. 

"It's like brothers, brotherly love. You fight with your brother, but the next day you forget all about it" Trevathan would tell reporters. 

The Denver Broncos will continue to prepare for the season and their first preseason game of the year next Thursday. Although it isn't necessarily a bad thing to scrum it up once in awhile, the Broncos might be best served to save that aggression for the San Francisco 49ers in 7 days.

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