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Broncos' Tamme Getting Cut to Start Thomas?

jtTraining camp for the Denver Broncos didn't start all that long ago and players are already at risk to be cut. Camp can be a huge opportunity for players, but it can also be opportunity for a cemented starter to lose his job. 

The latter could be said for TE Jacob Tamme. Tamme, who was just signed a year ago to follow his old QB Peyton Manning, finds himself in a bad situation. He is currently dealing with a right quad injury that has kept him out for the majority of camp. To make things worse for the tight end out of Kentucky, during his absence, the rest of the tight ends in camp have are performing at a high level. 

Of the tight ends in camp, TE Julius Thomas is ultimately Tamme's biggest threat. Both tight ends look to play similar roles in QB Peyton Manning's offense. However, with Tamme's reps up for grabs, Thomas has taken full advantage with a tremendous camp. He is playing at the highest level that he's ever played before and Manning is taking notice with plenty of balls going Thomas' way as of late.

Thomas struggled with injuries and understanding the offense early in his career. Now Thomas is healthy and the offense finally clicked. The intriguing thing about Thomas is the mix of his size and athleticism. He's officially 6-5, 250 pounds and has tremendous feet. He is a mismatch for the defense waiting to happen. His speed and size are too tough to handle. He's too big and fast for most defensive backs and linebackers. Although Tamme has pretty good size and speed himself, he just doesn't match up to Thomas.

There is still plenty of camp left and the preseason is yet to start, so it may not be too late for Tamme. However, he must find a way to get back on the field. His injury opened the door of opportunity for Thomas and the way Thomas is playing, he doesn't look to give it back.