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Broncos Show Great Class in Tough Situation

The Denver Broncos were put in a difficult situation on Saturday, but they did not disappoint nearly 45,000 Bronco fans. Despite extremely poor conditions, the Broncos were able to put on a show. 

Doors opened a little after 5 PM at Sports Authority Field on for the yearly scrimmage between the offenses and defenses. Parking and entry in to the stadium were free for fans. The organization also setup autograph signings around the stadium with cheerleaders and Broncos' alumni from 5 PM to 6 PM. 

Then just before the scrimmage was to start, precipitation started to fall heavily. Despite the weather, players eked out of the tunnel, interacting with fans. By the way players were acting, it was looking like they were doing a curtain call before the announcer officially called the scrimmage off. 

After greeting with fans, the team would disperse back into the locker just as fast as they came on. However, in spite of a 40 minute lightning delay, the Broncos would put forth extra effort to appease their fans. With the risk of lightning gone, the Broncos proceeded with the scrimmage even with the environment.

QB Peyton Manning went 4-6 with 55 yards and a TD. Rookie RB Montee Ball would have a big play to get majority of the yards on the scoring drive to Demaryius Thomas. Newly acquisition WR Wes Welker would only catch one ball, but would be targeted three times. Welker actually almost had a very scary moment where he nearly injured himself slipping on the drenched field. 

The 2nd string offense lead by QB Brock Osweiler would not have the same success the 1st string would. They were not able to score on any of their drives. Osweiler would impress a few times though. He made a tough, accurate across the body dart to TE Virgil Green on a play for 15 yards. Osweiler would also make a nice pass to RB Jeremiah Johnson on another for a good gain. Between the defense playing very well and the element, it wasn't that bad of a performance from the 2nd string offense.

Overall, the Broncos weren't as crisp as they may have wanted to be and it's understandbly so. With that said, that should not be what fans took back from the scrimmage on Saturday night. They should be proud and appreciative of the effort their franchise made to give back. The Broncos didn't have to go through with scrimmage. In fact, the smartest thing probably would've been to call the whole thing off when the rain continued for more than 20 minutes. With the elements around, key players could've gotten hurt. The Broncos didn't let any of that get in their way. They played hard and didn't pack it in. Be proud of your franchise, Broncos fans. Not every organization operates with this level of class.