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Broncos' Von Miller "Confident" Four-Game Suspension will be Dropped

Back in July, Broncos' LB Von Miller was slapped with a four-game suspension for violating NFL policy. It is unclear exactly what Miller did or didn't do that caused the suspension. This is because the league must respect the player confidentiality policy, so everything is suppose to stay between the player and the league. Things did not exactly go that way, however. Someone not named Von Miller broke that policy when they had announced Miller failed a drug test for marijuana and amphetamines in 2011.

Immediately after hearing the news of the suspension, Miller put out an appeal with the help up of the NFLPA. A hearing has been set for August 15th with the NFL. Little news has been divulged from the case to this point. It isn't publicly known if this is the only hearing that will take place or even if Miller will be attending.

Despite little being known from the outside, Miller appears to be very confident that everything will be resolved without suspension. Since the beginning, Miller has denied any wrong doing. Miller recently spoke candidly about the potential four-game suspension

"I'm confident about it. Everybody is confident about it," Miller told media after the Thursday night victory against the Niners. 

"I think my situation is different. I'm just looking forward to getting a resolution and getting it out of the way. It's tough enough to play football as it is, let alone when you have all this other stuff going on."

There is reason to be optimistic for the young, defensive phenom. Someone somewhere screwed up by announcing Miller tested positive for drugs in 2011. Because the break in player confidentiality, there is reason to believe the suspension may get reduced to just two games. Also, according to several reliable sources, Miller did not test positive for anything. The belief is that Miller missed a UA to trigger the suspension. This can not be confirmed yet, but there is a rumor flying around that Miller was actually across seas on a USO tour on behalf of the NFL. If that is indeed the case, Miller would certainly have a very convincing point to get the suspension revoked. 

Perhaps that is why Miller and the Broncos are acting so confident. For their sake and Bronco fans, let's hope they're right. Either way, we will learn more of the Von Miller saga next week.