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Denver Broncos' Von Miller to have appeal Tuesday, not today like previously thought

The Denver Broncos would not have their best player on defense Thursday as the 2013 training camp would come to close. This was to be expected. The belief around the league was Von Miller had flown to New York for his appeal with the NFL today. 

That would not happen. The meeting would end up getting postponed. Instead of going to New York, Miller went to Washington to meet with the NFLPA and their lawyers. According to ESPN's Chris Mortenson, the appeal was delayed because of "complications". The new date for the meeting is now expected to be held on next Tuesday.

It is unknown exactly why Miller and his team chose to delay the hearing. Perhaps the NFLPA wants a little more time to work on the case. The NFLPA was furious that it was leaked that Miller tested positive for marijuana and amphetamines in 2011. It should have never been leaked and it broke the NFL and player confidentiality policy. The NFLPA lawyers are expected to be to use the breach as a big part of their case.

The delay in the meeting could also be because Miller was arrested Sunday on a warrant for missing court last September. The hope is that the arrest will not effect the NFL's decision, but it certainly does not help anything. 

In the midst of all this chaos, the Broncos have a football game to play against the Seattle Seahawks. Coach John Fox says he expects his starters to play into the second quarter Saturday. It us not yet known if Miller will be there or if he'll be somewhere else working on his case. One thing is for sure, however. Both the Denver Broncos and Von Miller cannot wait to get past this huge distraction and get back to focusing on the 2013-2014 season.