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Source: Von Miller to be suspended 6 games today

The Denver Broncos received bad news Monday morning. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter and Chris Mortenson, LB Von Miller's just got a lot worse according to sources.

Miller is expected to be suspended as soon as today for at least six games. This is a huge and disappointing surprise for the organization and Bronco fans. The previous suspension was believed to be just four games. Now it appears that six games will be the minimum and it will be handed down today.  

Miller and the NFLPA still plan to meet with the NFL on Tuesday in regards to get his suspension possibly dropped or at least get a few games knocked off. However, with Von Miller's troubles and his recent arrest for not handling a ticket soon enough, it may be futile for Miller and the NFLPA to fight. 

As things develop, will have the new updates posted.