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Von Miller named as a potential witness to high profile murder case

If you thought the list of diluted urine samples, the potential six (or more) game suspension and getting arrested would be enough to hurt Von Miller's name in just a short time, you'd be wrong.

Colorado's 9 News just announced minutes ago that Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has been listed as a potential witness to high profile murder and arson case.

On October 17, 2012, suspect Dexter Lewis was accused of stabbing and killing five people at Fero's Bar and Grill. Immediately after, it is believed with the help of two other suspects (who already plead guilty), Lewis would then set the Denver bar on fire. Prosecutors for the case are seeking the death penalty for Lewis. In Colorado, the death penalty is legal, but hasn't been used since 1997. It has been a big debate between Colorado lawmakers with many feeling the law instituted is highly outdated, which is the reasoning behind being very hesitant to use it in over 16 years.

It is important to point out that Denver police have said Miller is only a witness and nothing more. In fact, Miller's name is at the very end of a long list of potential witnesses that includes fireman and policemen. 

With that said, the biggest concern for Miller is that police believe he was a possible acquaintance with suspect Dexter Lewis. With just one day until the NFL plans to make their ruling on Miller's suspension, the last thing Miller needed is to be grouped in any possible way murderer.