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Colorado Rockies put closer Rafael Betancourt on waivers Thursday

According to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, the Colorado Rockies have put closer Rafael Betancourt on waivers Thursday afternoon. 

Although Betancourt is on waivers, it's more so the Rockies gauging interest around the league for the 11 year vet out of Venezuela rather than the Rockies actively trying to move him.The Colorado Rockies have an option worth $4.25 million and it is believed the Rockies plan to pick that option for 2014. 

For a team to be able to pickup Betancourt, that team would have to wow the Rockies with an offer. This is because even if a team does decide to claim Betancourt, the Rockies can pull him off the waivers. If that team still would have interest, they would have to work out a trade with the Rockies. 

Betancourt is coming off only his second blown save of the year, which happened last night against the Philadelphia Phillies Thursday night. He hasn't had exactly an all-star season, but he's been solid despite having troubles staying healthy at times. He is 2-4 with a 3.54 ERA and is 16/18 saves. Betancourt could still gather interest from several teams as setup man, closer or perhaps even a 7th inning guy. It just depends on how badly that team wants his services.