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The Denver Broncos continue to send mix signals about starting running back

The Denver Broncos continue to send mixed signals about who will be their starting running back when Denver hosts the Baltimore Ravens September 5th.

For the first time, rookie running back Montee Ball received the majority of the first team reps on Monday. To make things even more intriguing,  2nd year running back Ronnie Hillman worked in solitude the majority of the day in somewhat of humiliating fashion. The Broncos gave Hillman a ball wrapped around a rope and were jerked the rope all around in order to get Hillman's fumbling issues solved. Though coach John Fox wouldn't admit it, it appeared it was punishment for Hillman's fumbling woes during preseason. Hillman fumbled the ball 3 times and lost 2 of them to the defense. To make things worse, both of those fumbles would be returned for touchdowns.

After the role reversals on Monday, everything was essentially back to normal on Tuesday. Ronnie Hillman was back working with the first team, just like it had been since May. 

Coach Fox wouldn't get into too much detail on a starting running back, but he would have this to say after practice on Tuesday:

"I don't even know yet, so I don't know how you all know. They'll both carry a big load for us this season, knock on wood. Whether it's '1A' and '1' or however you want to list it, they're both very capable and we're very pleased with both."

The Denver Broncos could've just wanted to punish Hillman for a day and then move him back to the starting rotation. Denver may have switched the backs to spite the media after several stories broke that Hillman was in risk of losing his jobs yesterday. It could be that the Broncos front office still don't have a clue who their running backs will be. Whatever it is, It's not exactly clear to everyone else what the Broncos plan to do September 5th and that's probably the way they want it.