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QB Peyton Manning hints Denver Broncos will be more aggressive in 2013, going for it on 4th down more often

The Denver Broncos were far from a poor offensive team last year. Denver ranked 4th in total yards earned, 5th in passing yards and 2nd in points scored. 

Despite the offensive success, the Denver Broncos were far too conservative at times with their decisions on offense. 

Though the offense was restrained regularly, the most distinct example is in the playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens last year. The Broncos just needed one first down to close out the win. Rather than be the least bit creative or aggressive, the Broncos predictably ran the ball to no avail. With 4th and short, the Broncos decided to punt rather than go for the win. Then with 30 seconds left and numerous timeouts, the Broncos had the opportunity to gain 40-50 yards to kick a game winning field goal. Denver again forwent that decision for the safer option and decided to a knee to get into overtime. We all know the rest of what happened. Hearts broke and second guessing immediately followed.

In spite of all the pain after the loss, the Broncos may  have learned their lesson with holding back the offense. With new offensive coordinator Adam Gase, the Broncos have becomeva much more aggressive offense if training camp and preseason are any indication. It also seems like Manning could have a little more say in this year's offense compared to last. The Broncos did work with the hurry up offense last year under old offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. However, this year, the offense is operating vastly faster and more efficient than last year. The tempo that this offense operates will be huge advantage for the Broncos, especially when visiting defenses are breathing Mile High air. 

QB Peyton Manning also hinted that the team will be more inclined to go for it on 4th downs this season.

"I believe we are going to go for it on some fourth downs this year and maybe not cheering when we're going for it on fourth down – wait and see and if we get it, cheer then." 

Manning's words may not be convincing to some, but every word of it was a calculated statement from Manning. The Broncos will be much more inclined to roll the dice in 2013 compared to 2012. They also won't step off the pedal when trying to put teams away. 

The Broncos are no longer trying to figure out what they have in Manning or how the team would mesh. The Denver Broncos know they're offense is as good as anyone and they won't be timid to enforce their will on defenses.