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Updated: Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller does not have bench warrant in California

The list of bad things just seemed to get worse and worse for linebacker Von Miller. It was reported earlier by Susan Schroeder, a spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney's Office verified to the Denver Post that the troubled Denver Broncos linebacker has an open warrant for his arrest for the whole state of California.

There's actually good news for Von Miller this time. It appears those reports are absolutely false. CBS' Vic Lombardi is reporting that both the district attorney and county clerk confirmed to him that there is in fact no bench warrant for Miller.

ESPN's Josina Anderson was the first to break the dispute between the warrant. She broke the statement made by Miller's attorney Mark Schamel. Here is the full statement here:

"Von Miller is a wonderful young man who was stopped 18 months ago for speeding on a highway. He was ticketed for driving 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. There is nothing more to it than that. The speeding ticket is a simple infraction for which arrest is not authorized. This is not a criminal case and we have confirmed that there is no warrant for his arrest. This is much ado about nothing and it should be cleared up tomorrow morning."

It appears Miller dodged a bullet on this one. Though it looks to be another speeding ticket from someone who can't keep his foot off the pedal, it could've been much worse if Miller really did have a warrant. Miller is already serving a six game suspension handed down by the NFL because he failed a drug test in 2011 and then failed multiple urine samples according to the league in 2012. In addition. Miller has already been arrested for an open warrant just a month ago in Colorado for missing a court date upon a tracking offense. To add icing on the cake, Miller was pulled over just last week for speeding while driving without a license. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will not need much convincing to suspend Von further if he feels Miller is damaging the NFL product.

Miller is a very likable guy and a once in a generation talent. However, there's no quick fix for Miller to build all this goodwill lost during the last few months. Miller still has the chance to salvage what could be a Hall of Fame career, but he needs to take control of his life. For his sake and the Bronocs sake, let's hope he figures it out.